Peaty's Peaty s Holeshot CO2 Tyre Inflator Road And Gravel (16g) Silver



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Everyone knows that a straight line is the fastest line! That's why Peaty's made their holeshot CO2 tyre inflator straight, rather than bent at 90 degrees. This straight line design enables faster airflow for rapid inflation, and creates less stress on your tubeless valves when you're using it because you're coming at the valve straight on rather than at a 90 degree angle. It's as small and lightweight as possible, so it's easy to carry in your pocket, bag or strapped to your bike. Made from CNC'd 6061 aluminium, and with a patent pending valve design, the details of Peaty's inflator heads have been agonised on - from the exact rubber compound of the o-rings to the awesome chris king anodized colours. Not stopping at the inflator head, Peaty's applied the same level of detail and quality in making a high quality CO2 cartridge sleeve. far from a cheap strip of neoprene, our freeze protector sleeve is made from temperature resistant silicone and has a unique closed base to stop your hand from freezing to the cartridge, no matter how you hold it - even without wearing gloves. Key features Available in 12x Chris King colours. Unique Patent Pending compact straightline design for maximum airflow. Simply push down to inflate. Unique closed base silicone Freeze protector sleeve prevents your hands from freezing, even without gloves. Each kit contains 1x inflator head, 2x CO2 cartridges and 1x freeze protector sleeve.

Colours Silver
Brand Peaty's
Barcodes 1.50605E+13, 5.06054E+12

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