Highway Cycles & The Cycle to Work Scheme

Highway Cycles & the Cycle to Work Scheme 

Save up to 48% on a new bike with the Cycle scheme.

Spread the cost of a new bike, interest-free & with zero up-front costs. Payments are taken for your new ride out of your gross salary. The process is simple, government-approved and flexible enough for you to choose repayment options which suit you.

Highway Cycles works with all of the leading scheme providers to give you the best experience when selecting your new ride. The schemes we work with include; 

Green Commute Initiative - Preferred Partner


Cycle Solutions



Bike 2 Work

Cycle 2 Work (Halfords)

If your scheme provider is not listed - do not worry, we can probably still help. Give the shop a call and we can look in to helping you out with this.

Also - If your employer does not currently offer a cycle to work scheme, we can point you in the right direction to get them on board. We recommend Green Commute Initiative as our preferred partner for this. They can also facilitate one time applications. Speak to us if this is of interest and we can get you in touch with them. 

How does it work?

Step 1 The exciting bit, Choosing your bike! We have a huge range of new bikes available from the leading manufacturers. The first step in this process is selecting which one is best for you. Either pop in store for a free consultation, or have a browse of the site to see which one takes your fancy. 

Step 2 Choose your Accessories. You can add Clothing, Equipment and Accessories to your cyclescheme application. Anything that'll help you stay dry (it is the UK, after all), comfortable and stay safe during your ride.

Step 3 Apply for your voucher. This is done with your employer. Depending on the scheme provider, they may require a quote which we can supply once you have completed steps 1 & 2. If not, they will simply request the value of the package you have put together. This application will be processed and you will be issued with the voucher. 

Step 4 Once you have been issued your voucher or letter of collection, you can confirm your order with the store. Simply pop in, give us a call OR checkout online with the selected bike and accessories from steps 1 & 2. Once you reach the payment step of the checkout, select Cyclescheme and enter your Voucher number or Letter of Collection number & redemption code. 

We'll verify your codes with the Cycle scheme provider and ensure your certificate is valid.

Step 5 Order confirmation! Assuming your certificate details were valid (and you didn't get too enthusiastic and over-spend on your certificate value — it happens), we'll complete your order (like any other payment method) and depending on your delivery method, you'll be notified when your order is dispatched or ready for collection. It's time to hit the streets on your new ride! 

Enter some details into the GCI Cycle To Work Scheme calculator below and you'll be presented with your possible savings.

Green Commute Initiative Calculator - Please note, this is representative and savings can change depending on your chosen cycle scheme provider.