Moustache Dimanche 29.2 Open Electric Gravel Bike



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The Mousache Dimance 29 Gravel 2

The Dimanche 29 Gravel 2 has been designed so that everyone, expert or not, can discover the joys of gravel riding! Easy to mount, dynamic and comfortable, modular and versatile, it's sure to improve your performance tenfold on Sunday rides along country lanes and paths, but it'll also get you to the office in style all week long!


If you love the road and the trails, if you like to go from one to the other without any constraints, you'll love our Dimanche 29!
Climb a mountain pass on tarmac, then descend on a fun trail, during the week on city roads and at the weekend in discovery mode...
Unleash your creativity and rethink your rides as you see fit! That's why we created the Dimanche 29.


We wanted it to be agile, fun but responsible, so we gave it a top-quality aluminium frame that can be recycled almost indefinitely. We wanted it to be streamlined, so we integrated the engine, cables and battery to the mm. We wanted it to be versatile, so we left room for tyres up to 700x50, luggage racks and mudguards, or an extra battery!

We wanted it to be comfortable, so we designed the carbon fork and seatstays to flex and absorb vibration. We wanted it to be lively, so we designed the wide chainstays to let the power of your legs and the engine come through in complete harmony!

Discreet presence

The new Bosch SX motor is so light, smooth and quiet you'll almost forget it's there... but it's there, with 55Nm of torque! It even delivers 3.4 times your power, up to 600W, with incredible smoothness and control! Ideal for the most technical and steep trails. But on the road, at speeds above 25km/h, it's quiet and smooth! An absolute delight!

Simply efficient !

Technology makes sense when it takes a back seat to your enjoyment. That's why we opted for the simplicity and efficiency of a single drivetrain with an optimised gear ratio. The wide-range cassettes allow you to send your bike down the hill or up any climb!

Colours Blue
Sizes Medium
Brand Moustache
Model Year 2024
Barcodes 3760318716662
SKUs / Part Numbers DI29OG246230

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