Here are a few common questions we frequently get asked, we hope this helps. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for please give us a ring on 01992 536007 or shoot us a message at hertford@highwaycycles.co.uk
Can I try the bike before I buy?
Of course! We have various models and sizes in store. So even if you are not sitting/riding on the exact model or colour that you want, you can get a feel for the bike.
Can I order online and collect the bike in store?
This is our preferred method, yes. This ensures that you can ask any necessary questions and have a final test ride.
How long will my bike take to arrive?
This depends on whether you bike is in store or has to be ordered in. If your bike is in store you can collect the same day. If you wanted it delivered we can arrange and confirm a delivery date the same day. For bikes that we need to order in from the manufacturer, we would normally expect your order to be complete within 1 week. This is  unless there is delay from the manufacturer, in which case we shall then advise an approximate date. 
Will the bike arrive assembled?
Yes, all bikes will be handed over fully ready to ride. If it is a bike purchased from Ebay that has to be boxed to send, there will be minimal assembly required, in which case we shall send instructions.
Where should I get my bike serviced?
At an accredited Cytech trained workshop, such as ourselves.
How often should I have my bike serviced?
This depends on how often you ride the bike. For all new bike sales we offer a free 1st service after the first 4-6 weeks for bedding in adjustments, such as cable stretch to be made. After that depending on use, we normally recommend a bike service once a year. However if it is heavily used bike it may need to be done every 6-8 months. If you are unsure give us a call or an email or alternatively pop in and we can advise on your exact situation.
We can source most spare parts for most types of bicycle, just contact us via phone, email or pop in store and we can advise you further.
What warranty do you offer on your bikes?
Warranty is dependent on manufacturer. We supply all new bikes with a manufacturers manual and guarantee which states exactly what it is for that manufacturer. If you would like to know more or about a specific brand please get in touch. Alternatively go to the specific manufacturers website. 
How do I know what size bike to purchase?
Every manufacturer will print a rough size guide. However there are so many factor in bike sizing, that we always recommend you try a bike of the same size or brand first to determine you size correctly before ordering.
I have purchased an bike from another retailer or second hand, I have a problem, can you assist
Of course! We are more that happy to look at and discuss any issues with any bike. Please get in touch or pop in to discuss you needs, so we can advise you further.