Why should I consider an e-MTB?

Should you consider an eMTB and what are the benefits? Here we want to address the most commonly asked questions and misconceptions about electric mountain bikes.

We will start with the most common misconception regarding not only electric mountain bikes, but all electric bikes in general and this is "Isn't it cheating?". Well simply put no, with the power assistance provided by the motor, your pedal power can be increased by up to 300%, depending on what mode you choose. The second most common question or misconception is whether or not you have to turn the pedals, the answer is yes indeed you do. In the UK to be legal, you have to pedal to receive power through the motor, hence the term pedal assist. The motor will not all of the work for you have to put in effort, but the bike will help you keep momentum. All of the electric bikes that we sell can be ridden without the assistance turned on at all, so no drama if you run out of battery the bike can be ridden the same as a standard bike. 

Let's address another main turn off point here and its weight. Yes any electric bike is going to be heavier compared to its non electric counterpart. However, we find when riding our e-bikes, customers often comment how un-noticeable this is when actually on the bike, even when the assistance is turned off. This is why we only typically sell Bosch and Shimano crank driven motor equipped bikes, as they have little drag and the weight is kept very central on the bike. 

A plus point of this extra weight in fact is increased stability, this comes in to play especially on an electric mountain bike when descending. All of our electric mountain bikes have mid-drive electric motors, which simply means the motor is located in the bottom bracket area. With batteries typically being located in the downtube now. This means that its weight is low and central on the frame, creating a very low centre of gravity on the bike. This low centre of gravity is great for creating super confidence inspiring handling and predictability. 

Whilst riding an eMTB, most people will find that they ride longer and harder as a result of the uphill ease, its like your own personal uplift. So what's not to like more runs and longer days out? We're in. We have had  many customers comment on how much more they can do and how much further they can explore since buying an electric bike. What's more is that electric assisted bikes  actually giving people the ability to get riding again, continue riding later in to life and actually consider cycling if they haven't before. No bother about the worry of being able to keep up or the hassle of hills. 

If you haven't ridden one before we would certainly recommend it, whether its for you or not you will have a grin on your face. 

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