Why cycle?

2020 has been a crazy year, cycling has seen the popularity of cycling soar with more people on bikes. With a year of restrictions in place throughout the whole world, lots of people have been looking to cycling as a way to get out of the house to exercise and free the mind. But what about cycling post Covid? Below are some reasons we think you should keep up cycling past Covid, as a way of life moving forward. 

1- Save money on car costs by using you bike to commute and as a form of transportation. No fuel, no tax and no traffic! Bikes as a form of transport are much cheaper to buy and maintain than cars.

2- Cycling allows you to take in you surroundings, see people, places and things you didn't even know existed unless you were on your bike. Get out and explore!

3- You can use cycling as a social activity also, go out with your mates and get social again! Cycling is a great way to socialise and bond with your friends. It is also great as a team building activity.

4- A big one here, for health reasons! Get fitter and healthier by using your bike more. There have been various studies to show how beneficial cycling can be for not only your physical, but your mental health. Cycling is very freeing and allows your mind to relax. 

5- Reduce your carbon footprint! Become more sustainable by choosing the bike more. By choosing the bike over your car you are reducing the amount of emissions on the road, making the planet a little bit nicer for us all to live on.  

So what are you waiting for? Get pedalling! 


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