What's the best electric bike to buy?

Having decided to buy an electric bike rather than a regular one, you’ll need to know what the best e-bike to buy is. When it comes to brands, we know the ones we like best and we only stock e-bikes we know will be great value for money as well as being reliable and long-lasting. As we work with these brands on a daily basis, we’re familiar with the way their bikes work and are experienced in their servicing and maintenance. 

Riese & Muller 

The innovative Riese & Muller brand uses state-of-the-art technology to make high-quality electric bikes and electric cargo bikes. These premium bikes are beautifully engineered and a joy to ride. The model that’s best suited for you depends on your needs, whether you need it to commute, to carry young children or heavy cargo, or to use as a touring bike. 


Another brand that is reinventing bike design is Benno - all with the aim of encouraging people to use their bikes more. Benno bikes provide you with enough speed and agility to make cycling fun, but with the bonus of being able to carry loads. Great for shopping, transporting young kids, or having enough luggage space to enable you to get away from it all for a few days. 


The overriding philosophy behind e-bike specialist Moustache’s bikes is to give you the incentive to leave the car at home. Its high-performance e-bikes are built for urban environments and leisure riding, making them a great all-rounder. No wonder the company keeps winning design and innovation awards! 


Trek is another manufacturer founded by cycling enthusiasts who were in search of the perfect bike. The company has been making hand-crafted bikes for over 40 years and now has a wide range of e-bikes, including the city e-bikes and mountain e-bikes that our customers love.  


One of the most famous names in British bike manufacturing, Raleigh has been making high-quality bicycles for over 130 years and e-bikes since the 1990s. Our range includes touring bikes and the Stow-E-Way folding bike, which is perfect for the daily commute. 


Brompton’s famous folding bikes are the ultimate commuter’s companion, designed for city living. They fold up to just a third of their size, making them easy to carry and store when you’re not using them. And with speeds of up to 15.5 mph they’ll get you to the office on time or early, even if your workplace is at the top of a hill. 


Marin’s Sausalito e-bikes are fantastic all-rounders - whether you need a bike for commuting, shopping or keeping fit, or just so you can get some fresh air and explore the countryside, they’re great quality and great value. 


Dawes bicycles offer high quality for a great price. We like the electric road bikes and folding bikes, which provide a great introduction to the joys of e-bikes.  


E-go bikes are the smallest foldaway bikes on the market and offer a great portable travelling solution whether you’re camping, boating or popping it in the boot. 

Want to try e-bikes out for yourself? Contact us on 01992 536007 or email hertford@highwaycycles.co.uk to make an appointment to test ride, or pop into our Hertford shop for a chat. 

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