Take advantage of Bikeability

We are delighted with the government’s recent announcement that it is investing £18million in ‘Bikeability’ cycle proficiency training for children and their families. The aim is to provide families with training in cycle safety and road safety to give more people the confidence to leave the car at home and cycle more often. 

Emily Cherry, Executive Director of the Bikeability Trust, said: “The commitment of the government to fund Bikeability in this next year is hugely welcomed as we seek to ensure that every child can access cycling as a life skill by 2025. This record investment will allow us to reach more children and, importantly, their families too, as a result of additional funding for our Family module.”

Bikeability was introduced in 2007, replacing what used to be known as cycling proficiency. Training courses give children and families the skills to be able to ride confidently and safely on the roads. 

Where to get Bikeability training in Hertfordshire

Cycling and walking are great for fitness as well as being better for the environment, and we hope the Bikeability boost will go a long way to capitalise on the enthusiasm for sustainable transportation we’ve seen during lockdown. 

Highway Cycles works in partnership with Hertford Cycle Hub, a not-for-profit enterprise designed to encourage people to get out and about on bicycles and e-bikes. The Hub provides Bikeability training, as well as led bike rides, and maintenance workshops. It also has ambitious plans to create a purpose-built Bikeability site in a disused tennis court on Hartham Common in order to teach children road safety before they cycle on a public road. 

About Hertford Cycle Hub 

Hertford Cycle Hub was founded in 2018 by Kirsty Feasey as part of the Active East Herts sports development initiative. The Hub is run by Kirsty along with her fellow directors: cycling journalist Mark Sutton and the owner of Highway Cycles, our own Len Simmons. As someone who only found an enthusiasm for cycling in the past few years, Len is well placed to make sure the initiative appeals to everybody, not just cycle enthusiasts. He said: "Highway Cycles is passionate about getting everyone cycling. Bikeability is a great way of getting people cycling safely and confidently with the right skills." 

Inspired to get yourself out on two wheels? 

Our Hertford shop has a range of bikes, e-bikes and children’s bikes, so whether you want to get on the road, off-road, cycle for pleasure or give up the car completely, we’ll have the perfect bike for you. At the moment visiting our shop is by appointment only, so call us on 01992 536007 or email us at hertford@highwaycycles.co.uk to arrange a convenient time to visit our shop.

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