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Established in 1978 on Enfield Highway, Highway Cycles was born. Always having a workshop undertaking bike repairs, maintenance and servicing, as well as your general bike and accessory sales, and as the bike industry has changed hugely in that time, Highway Cycles has also.  Adapting to meet the changing market with the introduction of Electric bikes (e-bikes) and their popularity that has taken off.

Highway Cycles has a dedicated electric bike showroom showing the various options that are now available, but did you know that we also now offer specific electric bike servicing in our workshop in-house. Bosch and Shimano certified we offer such services as; E-bike specific service levels, battery capacity testing, software/firmware updates and Bosch and Shimano diagnostic testing. You can view these here via the online booking app on our website.

When to service your e-bike

Servicing is important for any bike to keep it running in tip top condition, but considering the extra technology and investment it is arguably even more important on an electric bike. We would recommend that you have your electric bike serviced annually and more frequently if in constant use as it is important to consider that for the warranty on your Bosch or Shimano system regular servicing is required.

Taking Care of your e-bike

You should take good care of your electric bike yourself between servicing, in particular keeping it nice and clean. We have compiled a list below of things you can do to keep your bike in good working order below;

  1. Regular Cleaning - A clean bike is a happy bike! Excess mud and dirt will increase your risk of wear on components making them liable to wear out quicker. Not only that but it can also affect the efficiency of your bike. Keeping it clean will give you the best lifespan for your consumable components. Electric bike batteries and motors are well sealed units, so can be washed, but the same with a standard cycle you should never use a jet wash or powerful pressure washer- this is because due to the power it could force its way into any sealed units, which of course is not ideal!
  2. Lubrication - Electric bike chains in particular are likely to need more frequent lubrication. This ideally should be done after the bike is washed and dried on a clean chain, to avoid making a paste with the dirt which will wear your components faster. Please note if your electric bike has a carbon belt drive you should not apply any lubricant at any point, as it is not necessary and will affect the integrity of the belt.
  3. Inflation - You should regularly check your tyre pressures alongside the recommended pressures on your specific tyres. Tyres that are under-inflated are not a potential safety risk, but they will also affect your bike's efficiency. As well as this an under inflated tyre will also affect the life of your tyre, making it more susceptible to perishing and cracking. Ideally you should experiment within the range that your tyre recommends to get the best pressure for you, as running a pressure that is too high can impact grip and comfort. We can of course help you with this at Highway Cycles.
  4. Do an M Check - An M check is a basic safety assessment of all the main working parts of a bike. The M-check is named after the way you follow the shape of the letter M when looking over the bike. You can find an in depth instruction of how to conduct an M-Check here on the Sustrans website.


What if you e-bike develops a fault

If there is a fault with your electric bike we would always recommend that you bring it to us, please never attempt to disassemble a battery or motor- not only could this be dangerous, but it would also invalidate your warranty. We are always here and happy to help. You can visit us of course in store, email us or call us on 01992 536007.

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